1. beardbrand:

    One of our most popular videos is on how to apply beard oil. It’s a simply process that makes daily life better. Read the full details over on Urban Beardsman.


  2. Fresh new single Feat. J. Givens and Tragic Hero. Prod. by DJ Official, DJ Average Joe on the cuts.

  4. New single, free download, @rapzilla exclusive. Prod. By @djofficialdj feat. @tragicheromusic and @pray4jgivens. @averagejoedela on the cuts! Available 10/21 #STL #CIBH?

  5. Yes, that is correct: He was so tired after the Frequency Concert that he fell asleep this way. #TFrequency14

  6. Don’t miss it! The Frequency Concert Oct. 17th at The Underground at Temple University.

  7. Sounds like something my Pastor told told me yesterday @pastoremase

  8. herochan:

    Happy 63rd Birthday to Actor Mark Hamill

    The Elizabeth Arkham Asylum for the Criminally Insane, commonly referred to simply as Arkham Asylum, is a fictional psychiatric hospital in the DC Comics Universe, usually appearing in stories featuring Batman and often the Joker.

    Arkam Asylum first appeared in Batman vol.1 #258 - “Threat of the Two-Headed Coin!” which was released in October of 1974. 

    Mark Hamill has voiced the Joker for almost 20 years in cartoons and video games, and has been hiding Arkham in his name all along. 


    Learn something new everyday…

  9. Clock is ticking…

  10. This my LAST #TLM T-shirt… (at Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church)