1. One of the greatest temptations I’m facin’ right now, is gettin’ lazy with my style/ or sayin’ “I ain’t appreciated. Mic’s down”/ I serve too small a market, I need a larger target/ you know, a broader audience/ who’ll spend their dollars on this// and as i write now, there’s temptation for makin’ some crazy statements complainin’ but I know how pride sounds: / “I’m everybody’s favorite, maybe one of the greatest/ the peak of every playlist, you’d be a lame to hate this”/  but the truth is it’s foolish to say this/ so please bear with my foolishness ‘cause I’ve concluded it’s stupid to fake it/ I google my name too much, think that my fame is just/ but still it ain’t enough, I need to make some bucks/ but not in the greedy sense/ I just wanna appease the IRS and pay off our debts, I don’t need to be rich/ I’m fightin’ to be a man, dyin’ to lead the fam/ tryin’ to please the fans, writin’ to feed the lambs// but I feel the pressure to dumb it down/ I’m from the underground, but to sell I gotta come with that southern sound/ it’d be fake as a toupee, got me feelin’ like Lupe/ this not how i do thangs, i just gotta be true man// ‘cause I don’t do this for the fickle masses/ I do this for God, myself, and anyone else who can peep the talent/ so if you dig it, cool. if you ain’t wit’ it, cool/ it wasn’t meant for you, it’s for the kids who do// And i know that i can be an elitist/ ‘cause I’m a back-packer, the mad rapper who is bein’ redeemed, it’s/ still in my DNA, as I kill it I’m bein’ saved, I’m not willin’ to be enslaved, by opinions of people swayed// by the radio or the garbage on it/ call it what you want I’m an artist, I don’t care what the hottest song is/ i won’t be commercialized, to please a shirt and tie/ who’s least concerned with God, and thinks in terms of profits// But that’s the nature of work/ the soil that I’m toilin’ in has been foilin’ plans since the day of the curse/ I’m milkin’ a crazy cow, and by my sweaty brow/ as long as grace allows, I’m gonna make it bow// ‘cause in the garden we’re givin’ dominion/ we lost it in the fall and now in the Kingdom we see it’s redemption/ call it “imago dei”, my thoughts have gone astray/ I’ve got a lot to say, but prob’ly not today// ‘cause sometimes I’m tempted to make it deep/ with all the lofty theological jargon when I should say “I’m weak”/ I think if you leave impressed, you’ll believe I’m a beast at best/ or at least a believer stressed, and sleep on the things confessed// did I mention I like to talk a lot?/ but confessions are best when they’re short, so I probably oughta stop/ this isn’t a pity rap, though I’m tempted to spit for that/ thanks for givin’ a listen black, this is how I’m a end the track//

    Hook outro: Satan entered the snake then creation became a place/ of (temptation) and now Adam hates the fact that he’s naked/ but can’t admit his mistake but instead he’s blamin’ his mate/ the (temptation) cause manifestations of separation/ but thankfully his Replacement the Savior came and when facin’/ (temptation) never gave in, and paved the way for the saints/ to behave in the craziest situations/ they can escape the/ (temptation) by His grace through faith in the One who saved ‘em//

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